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Blaine Anderson [userpic]
by Blaine Anderson (raiseyourglass)
at February 22nd, 2006 (07:55 pm)

Inara was sitting in her shuttle. The incense was sweet smelling, permeating the room around her. Gazing into the mirror, she ran a brush through her hair, smiling softly. Finally, finally they were landing on a planet where she could get a client. He wasn't very attractive, but he had a reputable guild registrar record. He was suitable. He'd do, Inara thought to herself. She had to work soon or she wouldn't be able to pay Mal any rent money at all.

She was beautifully attired. Today, she was wearing a red dress, with gold and purple on it. Her hair gently fell down around her face in waves, cascading down her shoulders. Her makeup was impeccable, her eyes sparkling. Yes, perhaps she would do so well with this job, that he would engage her for more times. Although Mal had not told her yet how long they would be on the planet, so she had only made arrangements for the one visit. Getting a few days out of this client would be satisfactory. Only Buddha knew the next time Mal would bring her even near a client.

There was still the matter of that wave to think about. Later.

Tag Inara, Open to Anyone
by Amaya Serra (amaya_serra)
at February 5th, 2006 (09:23 pm)

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Amaya managed to sneak around the back of the Compainion Training House virtually unnoticed. Though she ached something fierce from hiding as a stowaway in a crate on a transport ship for the better part of the week, she was steadfast in her determination to find her sister. It had been six long years since she'd seen Inara. Six long, agonizing years of abuse and torture and...

She stopped herself. She had to concentrate on finding someway to get into the training house. Then she saw it, her opportunity at last! As a young couple left, she caught the door and sneaked past the guards. She saw several companions taking tea in a room to the left. Trying to make herself unseen, she followed winding hallways, which only found her properly lost. Suddenly, someone grabbed her shoulder, and she jumped foward, trembling at the touch, a thousand memories flooding her mind.

"Excuse me, Miss? Can I help you?" the beautiful woman asked her, kindly.

"I...I'm looking for Inara Serra," Amaya said timidly. "I'm her sister."

The woman looked dolefully at her, and said, "I'm sorry, child. She's based on a transport ship called Serenity." The woman appeared to think for a moment, then replied, "Why don't we send her a wave, hmm?"

"Oh...I...I don't want to be a bother," Amaya said, turning to leave.

The woman grabbed her shoulder again, illiciting another anxious jerk from Amaya, releasing her from the grasp. "It's okay, child. No trouble at all. Would you like some tea?"

Moments later, she was sitting face to face (well, nearly) with her sister.


Jayne Cobb [userpic]
::he left his bunk and Lu sleeping, he had good news:: Tag Anyone
by Jayne Cobb (vigotmanpartsv)
at February 4th, 2006 (12:15 am)

current mood: ecstatic

::He went looking for her, someone on this boat had to have good news. His smile was so bright (and for Jayne, that was saying something) and so genuine that people might not recognize him as the hundan Merc!::

Blaine Anderson [userpic]
Open, no tag
by Blaine Anderson (raiseyourglass)
at January 22nd, 2006 (01:58 pm)

Characters: Inara and... ?
Summary: Set after Inara and Jayne, Inara goes looking for Mal

Inara left the galley, feeling emotionally drained. She had never told that, to anyone. And she never thought that Jayne would have been the one she told it to first. Kaylee, sure. Mal, maybe. Jayne? Inara was beginning to realize that the man had hidden depths. She could almost begin to see why Lu loved him, almost. As she walked out of the galley, her dress rustling quietly as she moved, she made her way to Mal's bunk. She was going to check there to see him, but when she was in the hall, she looked up, and she saw Mal on the bridge. So, she made her way up the steps, pausing in the doorframe.

"Mal," she called out quietly.

Blaine Anderson [userpic]
Tag EVERYONE - let's get this party started
by Blaine Anderson (raiseyourglass)
at January 19th, 2006 (09:56 pm)

Inara sat, thinking over the wave that had been patched through her Cortex. She still had her doubts.

"But Inara, we would love to have you here," the woman had said. Inara nodded her head in agreement, but she didn't really have the words to follow it up. She had kept saying to Mal that she wanted to leave the ship, then she said she'd stay, now he wants her to leave again. The fact that this offer came up when it did was certainly a warning light to her. It seemed a little too coincidental.

"I'll think about it, ok dear one. May the road always rise up for you." The other woman nodded in agreement.

"And to you, Inara."

And so, Inara went into the galley, looking around. She really needed to figure out what she was doing, once and for all. They had just landed on Beylix, and would be here for a little while. Maybe she would get off this time, for good. Sitting down at the galley table, she buried her head in her hands, thinking.

Blaine Anderson [userpic]
Tag Lu, Open to anyone
by Blaine Anderson (raiseyourglass)
at January 9th, 2006 (04:33 am)

current mood: contemplative

Picks up where left off in Lu's post. Lu-player, sorry this took so long. I fail.

Inara gently walked towards her shuttle, with Lu at her side. When they reached it, she entered first, then went to make some tea for them both.

"Have a seat, Lu. I know that you and I have had our differences, but I would like to think that, if you need someone to talk to, I'm not that bad. At least not when compared to Mal." Inara laughed lightly and came over, sitting on her small sofa. Placing the tea tray down, she began pouring for them, looking up curiously at Lu.

*Another Incoming Wave*
by gooddeath_op (gooddeath_op)
at January 6th, 2006 (01:38 am)

current mood: thoughtful

"Mr. Reynolds, may I suggest you land your ship at the next planet we come across and hand the Tams over without trouble." It was more of a friendly suggestion than a question, and the Operative gave nothing away with the emotionless gaze he kept on the screen, waiting for the Captain's response.

by Saphirna Sloan (saphirna)
at January 4th, 2006 (06:09 pm)

((OOC: Do you have a preferance where I post IC? I wasn't sure if it's strictly community posts or if you want me to post them in Saph's journal.))

It was quiet. Silent, even. There were no echoing footsteps on the bridge, no faint voices laughing (or yelling), even the boat was silent with the exception of the soothing hum as she glided through the weightless universe. Saphirna rose from her bed, where she had been sprawled out reading the mathmatical theroies of a famous scholar back home. The deafness of the ship she was incased in stirred her. She rose, clutching her thick book to her chest as she poked her head out of her quarters. There was no one.

She felt fear wrap around her as she stepped out of her room. Did this have something to do with the Operative Guy? Was everyone asleep? Were they endanger? Or was it simply 'nightfall' on the ship. Saphirna had been reading for hours, probably- she often lost herself when reading.

Saphirna's eyes widened as her gaze fell upon a small twinkling light from the cockpit several feet ahead of her. She walked in slowly, feeling herself filled with amazement. She walked as close to the windows infront of the steering gear as possible, delicatley placing her fingers on the glass. Everywhere she looked there were stars and distant planets. It was beautiful. She's never seen a view from space before, she felt herself shiver with excitment as the Serenity rode on.

by Saphirna Sloan (saphirna)
at January 2nd, 2006 (08:47 am)

current mood: working

Saphirna leans her back against the tall cupboard, one arm tossed over her belly, another holding a bright red apple to her lips. Silently, she studies the recipe again. Her stew is cooking- the smell of sifting through the air like a pleasant smog. Saphirna can't help but smile in pleasure at her own work. She tossed the apple core away, cleans her hands, and begins looking around for the dishes. It seemed while the First Mate was showing Saphirna around, Zoe seemed to have forgotten to inform her where the dishes were. No matter, Saphirna looked, checking the door before she opened every one- she didn't want it to seem as though she were snooping. Not on her first day.

It was still early yet, Saph knew this. Even as she struggled to retrieve the glasses from a shelf just out her reach. But it was something to do nevertheless. Being cooped up in the kitchen all day, she'd found herself preparing food for the next day, even. It's not that she didn't like the passangers and crew on the
Serenity (even when they were being exceptionally boisterious). She didn't know why she hadn't left the mess area all day with the exception of the minature tour and the trips to the bathroom.

Saphirna sighed, finding the time passing quite slowly and the floor exceptionally dirty. She grabbed a mop from the back corner of the room, moistened it, and began to clean the floor.
I'd better get used to them she thought. With any luck I'll be keeping this job.

by Saphirna Sloan (saphirna)
at January 1st, 2006 (10:00 pm)

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current song: "The Great Escape" - We Are Scientists

hellooo :]
i'm going to be playing a new character (whose journal I am currently updating from). Her name's Saphirna Sloan. She's been employed as a cook on the ship Serenity, she's 19, and a blessing to the world of mathmatics. Upon first notice of her, she seems quiet, timid, straight laced, tidy, and very no-nonsense. However, once her shell is broken, one can discover that she can be witty and charming.

Also, Saphirna's father served alongside Malcolm Reynolds and Zoe Alleyne in the war. She had inherited her father's spirit and believes very strongly in the Browncoat Cause.

I look forward to RPing with everyone soon :]

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